Scuba Diving In Cocos Island

Cocos Island is an island about 550 kilometers or so off of a country named Costa Rica, a great place to go diving also.

It is home to 250 species of fish, including sharks, lionfish and other related species plus other marine animals unrelated to fish.

The best boat to take to Cocos is the Undersea Hunter, a  boat that goes back and forth from Costa Rica to Cocos Island, and it will take you there in a boat ride of about 30 hours, but other boats might be longer. So we recommend going on the Undersea hunter, because it’s not as long.

There are no hotels on Cocos, so you can’t go take a nap after a tiring dive. But on the boat, you have a room with a bed so you can sleep and not be awake for 30 hours. Also, you can go diving on the boat on some, but others you won’t be so lucky. The cost is normally 4395$ per trip, so you can’t come so often.